Data Types


type description
AtlasAttributeDef Details of a struct-attribute.
AtlasBaseTypeDef Common-attributes for all Atlas types.
AtlasClassification An instance of a classification; it doesn't have an identity, this object exists only when associated with an entity.
AtlasClassificationDef Details of a classification-type.
AtlasClassifications REST serialization friendly list.
AtlasConstraintDef Details of a constraint.
AtlasEntitiesWithExtInfo List of Atlas entity along with the referred entities
AtlasEntity Atlas entity representation
AtlasEntityDef Details of an entity-type.
AtlasEntityExtInfo Entity representation along with extended info which included the entities being referred to
AtlasEntityHeader An instance of an entity - like hive_table, hive_database.
AtlasEntityWithExtInfo Entity with information about the referred entities
AtlasEnumDef Details of an enum-type.
AtlasEnumElementDef Details of an enum-element.
AtlasFullTextResult Search results for FullText APIs
AtlasLineageInfo Lineage information for a single entity
AtlasQueryType Various querying mechanisms supported by Atlas
AtlasSearchResult Search results of the Discovery APIs
AtlasStruct Details of a struct. Not instantiated directly, used only via AtlasEntity, AtlasClassification.
AtlasStructDef Details of a struct-type.
AtlasTypeDefHeader Minimal set of information about a type definition
AtlasTypesDef A collection of atlas enum, struct, classification and entity definitions (models).
AttributeSearchResult Search results for attribute(s)
Cardinality Cardinality of an attribute i.e. single-valued or multi-valued.
ClassificationAssociateRequest Tag association request for a list of entities
EntityMutationResponse Entity modification response. Contains entity headers for each successful modification (create/update/delete)
EntityOperation Entity operations supported by Atlas via REST
LineageDirection Lineage direction
LineageRelation Lineage relation between two entities
PList Paginated-list, for returning search results.
SortType Type of sorting to be applied on the result set, defaults to NONE
Status Status of the entity - can be active or deleted.
TypeCategory Category of a defined type